Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Week (Poem)

how's your week been? she says.

well, I'll tell you.

in the past seven days, I
    started a class war on Facebook
             narrowly avoided two car accidents
                   baked a creamy flow of cookies
                           bought a disturbing amount of party supplies
                                     cleaned, cooked, did laundry,
                                             worked three days, and travelled there and back again

also, also, I:
     wrote two poems, a book review and a chapter of the novel-baby
              lunched with one friend, and supplied the citrus addiction of another
                    read two light and cottony detective novels, and started a heftier tome
                              lay awake at every 4am, glommed onto the weight of the world
                                      got sick, then sicker, and despaired
                                               set up the Potterest party of the year, and watched it unfold into delight
                                                      contemplated my eventual death, and cried

actually, never mind.

my week? fine. fine.

- Kathy, 17/5/15

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