Sunday, May 31, 2015

A sevenling for the city

I was in town (Melbourne) yesterday for the Emerging Writer's Festival's National Writers' Conference (more on that later!). I took a long walk in the lunchbreak and was struck by the Saturday feel of the place. It's a long time since I wandered around in the city on a weekend, and I thought it might make an interesting sevenling, especially the very odd face-off between the Christian and Muslim proselytizers on Swanston St.

So ... A Sevenling for the City.

in front of the sushi bar, three men hand flyers explaining Islam;
kitty-corner, a grey woman in green proclaims Jesus is Lord;
sandwiched between, serious-faced people argue against forced organ donation in China.

broad golden leaves scatter the path, slippery underfoot;
teenagers' skateboards click sharply on the library steps, while
families buy caramelised nuts and sip coffee slowly.

susurating in the air, the chill deepens, penetrates bones.

- Kathy, 31/5/15

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