Monday, June 1, 2015

Self-nominated Post a Day June

Being freshly motivated by the Emerging Writers Festival at the weekend, I feel energised to do some more regular writing in the merry (or, if you live at the arse end of the world, miserable) month of June.

Given that June is also a) my final month in my job, b) the month I have to have a couple of routine medical day procedures done c) a busy social month and d) my birthday month (ahem), I've decided the smoothest groove is the most practical way for me to stick to writing something every day. The smoothest groove for me is, and always will be, blogging - after 11 years, it's a familiar skin into which I slip with ease.

I don't have a plan *as such*, although I do know tomorrow's post is going to be some reflections on the EWF, and that I will almost certainly use the opportunity to play around with some more poems. Book reviews are also likely to make a comeback. (Did I mention that I'm reading The Princess Bride to my girls at the moment? How we are all enjoying it!)

I will promote some of the posts this month on the ol' social media, but some I won't bother, so they'll only be seen by the 3.5 regular readers who visit here without prompting. That's OK, this exercise is for me, anyway. I think it'll be a nice way to see out the month that's going to end with me in a very different employment and headspace than when it begins.

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