Thursday, January 7, 2016

Month of Poetry #7: The Sad Sad Song of the Sickly One

I have one or two or several ongoing health problems that I am managing at any given time. A friend suggested today that I could make a joke poem out of them. Here's my go at that!

So, looks like your immune system eats your gut, a bit, somewhat,
    says the gastroenterologist

I think your lungs will struggle whenever you make snot
    says the pulmonologist

Your heart rattles round like a cranky tin pot
    says the cardiologist

There's days when your brain is convinced you've been shot
    says the psychologist

Look, I'll be honest - your thyroid's not that hot
   says the endocrinologist

On the bright side, if you wanted more babies, you'd have a lot!
   says the gynaecologist

When you get sick, your joints may decide to knot
    says the immunologist

This is all starting to feel like a plot
    says the poor besieged general practologist

I shrug, swallow pills, and decide, on the whole, not
    to spend time waiting for the next thrilling twist.

- Kathy, 7/01/16

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