Friday, January 8, 2016

Month of Poetry #8: A sevenling for Pandora

Back to women of mythology today, for one of the best-known of all the Greek myths - Pandora's box. Pandora was, in myth, the first woman, made by Hephaestus from earth and fire under Zeus's command. I've used the imagery from the gifts traditionally given to her by the gods (ie she was clothed by Athena, given beauty by Aphrodite, given music skill by Apollo etc).

A sevenling for Pandora

Three things gifted to the first woman of all women:
Clothes of courage; purity of form and face;
The lyrical rise of a lark in the morning.

Three things only were asked of her:
To be the pet of gods; to acquiesce in her briding;
Never to open the sealed jar in her hands.

Hope alone remains to her when the deed is done.

- Kathy, 8/1/16

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