Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Play - Outdoor Art

We had one - and one only - good day weather-wise this past week, and it was the occasion for getting outside after school: bouncing on the trampoline, riding scooters and bikes, playing in the sandpit, and drawing on walls and concrete.

Drawing happened with sidewalk chalk, naturally,

but also with nature's own green ink, the rich, juicy, abundant grass.

Later, the kids experimented with painting with lime and lemon juices on the wall, and rubbing crushed rose petals on the ground (none of which produced anything as photogenic as the Green Grass Girl above, but all were great fun!)

Learning about pigments and colours available in the natural world was such a fun thing to do on the cool but clear day that may well prove to be our last hurrah of decent weather before the long dark of winter closes in.

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