Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I Know

This is my first week, but I thought I'd play along with Shae's Things I Know meme today.

Here's what I know this week -

- Reading is good for the soul. Shared reading, even more so. Reading that's accompanied with hot tea, warm quilts, laughing toddlers, intent older kids, and classic stories, the most of all.

- It is a very good thing for a school to have chickens, and said chickens are undoubtedly the most pampered and indulged avians imaginable.

- It is actually easier to manage household laundry for a family of five without a clothes drier, because the process is more consistent and staggered, so less enormous piles of dry washing awaiting sorting result. (This might not be one of the things I know when full winter hits, mind you!)

- Jealousy is a corrosive and entirely negative emotion. As it says in Song of Solomon, Jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire...

- It is a mixed blessing when a toddler skips a nap.

And finally ...

- It is a very awesome feeling when your almost 8 year old decides to like sushi!

Shae has lots of links of what other people know this week over here.


  1. I love your cosy scenarios for reading. It is definitely good for the soul...especially in this chilly weather !

    Came over from Shae's Things I Know (My first time linking up too !)

  2. Yay for sushi!!

    My toddler has pretty much dropped naps altogether, which is mostly a blessing and some overtired, overwrought afternoons not at all.

    And love snuggly reading time. You know lots of excellent things :)

  3. I thought our three pet chooks were the most spoiled birds around *cough they get avocados and corn bought for them cough*

    Thanks for joining in!

  4. Envious of your schools chickens. Annie desperately wants chickens at her school and there has been talk of getting a chicken run since she was in Prep.