Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I Know

Joining in with the Yay for Home! meme again, here are some Things I Know this week.

- Starting and ending the week with slow morning ambles home from school drop-off, and park play, is great for both my toddler and I. No-car Mondays and Fridays FTW!

- Smartphones are very awesome, but the ability to tweet and email on the road is a mixed blessing.

- When the school calls to say your almost-8-year-old is in sick bay looking white as a sheet and complaining of a headache and nausea, it's probably best to ask them to ascertain what she was doing immediately before said incident, before you panic and race to the school in a tizzy. (Answer: She was playing a spinning-around game with her friends. She suffers quite badly from both vertigo and motion sickness. Case closed ;-)

- Sun in the winter time lifts your heart out of all proportion.

- A cop of tea, a fresh pear, a new novel by a favourite author, a warm blankie, a clean house, and a napping toddler = A precious and savoured hour of indulgence of my very favourite kind.

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  1. Your last point made me heart sing!
    Love Mrs Woog xx

  2. There's been a lot of beautiful sunshine where we are too. So grateful for it.
    Happy Friday !

  3. I loved the last things too - though not the napping kids because it means a late night now.

    I love winter sun.

  4. Ahh winter sun-my favorite :)