Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I Know

Here is what I know this week, playing along with the Yay For Home meme -

- Life is better when the sun shines. Even in winter. No, especially in winter.

- There is a massive difference between the helpfulness and professionalism of front-line enquiry telephone staff and case-manager staff at A Certain Very Large Federal Government Agency. The difference is so great that I'm not sure I'd ever bother trying the general non-help line again; I'd just submit an online request and wait for a knowledgeable and professional person to call me back. (I'm talking the difference between 45 minutes of increasing frustration that dead-ended because the person didn't know the answer to basic questions vs 5 minutes of slick, friendly, successful service).

- It is never a mistake to reach out in friendliness to people that are new or struggling. Living compassionately isn't just The Right Thing To Do, it's also likely to enrich your own life and your family's in ways you can't expect or anticipate.

- Spending your Thursday morning getting your hair cut & coloured for the first time in almost 3 years, then visiting the dentist for 2 nasty fillings, also delayed by almost 3 years, represents the Yin and Yang of personal expenditure and childfree time ;-)

- Separating nurslings from their mothers due to mistaken and terrifying ideas about extended breastfeeding is horrific, and an offence against human rights. If you feel you can, read about this case, and see what it makes you want to do.

- A year ago, my youngest was 16 months old and had very little hair, but now she's got a headful of sandy blonde curls. How quickly it happens (my heart, my heart...)

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  1. Sunshine is always especially appreciated in winter here :)