Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with Yay for Home! today, here's what I know this week; short and staccato, because I am a bit wrung out, but here it is anyway!

- I know that solo parenting is hard, unrelenting and exhausting even in short to medium bursts (having just ended a 5-day bout of it, this is fresh in my mind).

- I know that every time my partner is away, I gain a renewed awe for single parents who do this by themselves all the time. Nothing but props for you, people - I salute you all.

- I know that I am still processing my thoughts from Blogopolis, but that it's already clear that the greatest benefit for me is going to be the rethinking of purpose, goals and ideas about blogging that it's prompted, rather the technical information (useful as it was).

- I know that a certain soon-to-be-8-year-old girl is super-dooper excited about her slumber party tomorrow night.

- I know that her 6-year-old sister is almost as excited as she is!

- I know that I sleep better when the kids are all in the same room as me, but not the same bed. Room-sharing FTW, bed-sharing with three wriggly blanket thieves, notsomuch.

- I know that lumbar back pain sucks, and when it's accompanied by sciatic leg pain, it sucks even worse.

- And finally, I know that it's far too early in the term to be pining longingly for school holidays already, but with only three weeks down, I am :-(

Hop over to Shae's to see what other people know this week.


  1. Ohmigosh I heat you on the solo parenting and the back pain. Both incredibly challenging!

  2. In totally agreeance with bed hogging business! Master 2 regularly hops into bed with us and the amount of space and blankets he takes up is astounding! Here's to a better night sleep for all of us soon x

  3. Oh, I've long admired single parents. I have no idea how they do it. Hubby had a promotion to Editor this year and hasn't been home as much as he used to. Life is so much more full on now! :)

  4. Kellie & Kate - yeah, the solo parenting, it does take chunks out of you, doesn't it. My partner travels interstate for work at irregular intervals (usually every 3-4 weeks, but sometimes as often as every fortnight, as the needs demand) usually for 3-6 nights at a time. I know this is minimal compared with what you have, Kate, but it is hard, I find. Actually, the reintegrating at the other end, to Daddy being home, is almost as hard as the kids arc up for him a lot. So I can't just drop my bundle when he comes home, I have to bring my A-game to help smooth over the transition for at least a couple of days.

  5. I agree with you, single parents do such an amazing job and if you have one in your life try and support them if you can.

  6. adding onto previous post... sorry I meant us all supporting single parents, not just you per se, sorry about that!

  7. Room sharing is my favorite :)

  8. agree whole heartedly with the back pain thing. not fun at all. i hope the slumber party goes well.

  9. My kids have been taking turns sharing our bed lately...I know they're enjoying it far more than I am! And I have felt like a bit of a sole parent lately as my husband has had to work back a lot - so I salute all sole parents out there as well.