Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Know

I had a very badly infected tooth extracted yesterday, so that's what's kind of filling up my vision at the moment. So this is going to be a moany post, please forgive me...

I know that severe toothache is the absolute worst pain in the universe. Yes, including labour.

I know that it is completely typical of my luck that this intense tooth pain, and subsequent necessity for extraction, should occur while my husband was away on a business trip, AND while I and all of my children are still sick with a cold / cough.

I know that having a good, efficient dentist who works carefully and quickly is an immense blessing.

I know that one's mouth feels bloody awful the day after an extraction, but that it still isn't as bad as the nerve-dying torture of pre-extraction.

I know that I am clock-watching til 10am, at which time I can next take some painkillers.

I know that alternating Panadol with Nurofen Plus at 3 to 4-hourly intervals does indeed provide better overall pain relief than one or the other individually, and also spaces the doses nicely.

I know that I'll probably get dry socket inflammation, seeing as how I usually do after an extraction, and possibly a nice gum infection just for larfs.

I know that the dentist's advice to rest, not talk or do too much, and relax is a HOOT in the context of my life.

I know that, with the big kids safely delivered to school and urgent supplies obtained, toddler was always going to be watching Play School this morning (and is enjoying it as I write ;-)

And also ...

I know that I am privileged that the biggest problem in my life right this minute is that I'm in moderate pain and feel unwell.

I know that I am privileged to have access to first-class dental treatment and the means to pay for it, and effective, inexpensive pain relief.

I know that there are millions of people worldwide who need these services and have no access to them, and that that is appalling.

I know that, sooner or later, I'm going to feel better, and that's OK.

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  1. I know that I agree with you 100% the one tooth I had taken out was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life (dry socket and abscess here) and that even now that I have a toothache from another wisdom tooth the thought of going through that horrible pain again is keeping my mouth firmly shut.

  2. Kathy, I KNOW how you feel! It sucks having a rotten tooth, and double sucks having it removed, but it is for the good of your wellbeing. Been there a couple of years ago, and hope to not go there too soon again!
    And toothache is far worse than labour pains! AGREED!


    PS, linking up from Things I Know!

  3. I've never had tooth pain so can't empathise, only sympathise. But it must be terrible if others are concurring that it's worse than labour! My goodness, I really hope it's short-lived and thank god for the drugs.

  4. I had an infected widsom tooth pulled two years ago, so I do actually know your pain. I went into shock. It was the worst thing that ever happened, and so completely difference to the pulling of my first wisdom tooth.

    Take care of yourself, and if the big girls are literate enough then write notes instead of speak to them. Good rest for you, and learning for them :)

  5. you poor thing......tooth pain is horrendous!!!

    hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. You are SO right about tooth pain. It's horrible!! I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Oh, poor thing. It's bringing back memories for me. Big hugs. xx

  8. that is hideous. Lucky we live where we do as you said.