Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I Know

Here are a few things I know this week, still dentally-themed (it's been the node and focus on my world again as I've battled gum infection and post-extraction problems).

- I know that it's a sign of how things have changed since the olden days when I was a girl, AND how awesome my dentist is, when my kids actually look forward to going for their check-up.

- I know that oil of cloves tastes absolutely disgusting, but that it works as almost nothing else does to relieve the agony of a dry socket inflammation.

- I know that, with my eldest daughter's permanent teeth growing very crooked and with a decided overbite, orthodontia may be in our future.

- After looking at some brochures the dentist gave me from orthodontists he refers patients to, I know that we may have to (reluctantly) rethink our stance on private health insurance if this occurs, and / or remortgage the house. (And I'm not joking even a little bit).

- I know that bad teeth, as my own mum pointed out in an email recently, are nothing but trouble your whole life long - a pain to get, a pain to keep, and a pain to lose ;-)

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  1. I had orthodontic work, night brace, braces, retainer. I cringe every time I see Miss 4's inward facing teeth, but try to remember they are just her baby teeth, it may just be okay. Good luck, they probably won't thank you for it, but it will be worth it.

  2. we have just had a huge dental focus in our house as well. Hope you are all on the mend now

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm having a cackle at the last comment. EVERY time I mention Baby Holly getting another tooth, my MIL comes out with that line. EVERY time!! LOL!
    I hope the toothy expenses stay down for you. x

  4. I'm scared silly by the possibility of orthodontia for any/all my kids. Why can't we have dental coverage like with Medicare?

  5. I'm so anal about my kids and their teeth! There is no way we could afford for them to have any dental work done, so we're doing our best to prevent it from happening!

  6. hmm now i have the taste of cloves in my mouth lol