Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sibling rivalry resolved: A picture book

My 6 year old was set the task of writing a short story in school last week. She decided to go with a thinly-veiled autobiographical them, writing about two sisters called Lilly and A (actually, not A - her sister's real name) who are not getting along so well. It starts off promisingly:

Text: Once upon a time in a little house lived two little girls. There (sic) house was in the woods. One of them was Lilly, the other was A.

Happy faces!

Soon, the story becomes darker and conflictual:

Text: One day they had a fight. A said "You are dumb". Lilly said "No you are".

Sad faces!

But it's all OK, because there's one page left to resolve it:

Text: Mum said "Stop it" and they lived happily ever after. The end.

If only it worked like that in reality :-)

(NB: I asked E's permission to post this story and she gave it enthusiastically).


  1. Ha Ha! Simply put love it.

  2. Excellent! Love the end. What mum says goes!