Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Know: School Holidays edition

With school holidays in full swing, I know a few things this week.

- I know that spending the first weekday of the holidays relaxing at the park and at home sets the mood just right for a happy week.

- I know that my children, who have never been camping or built / seen a campfire love nothing better than pretending to camp and build pretend campfires.

- I know that when the storms hit later in the week, you'll be glad you squeezed every ounce of outdoor play from that fine and sunny Monday!

- I know that I'm really glad my older kids can get to spend a couple of days & nights each holidays with their grandparents, who live too far away to make regular termtime visits feasible.

- I know that I'm really, really glad that my Mum was amenable to taking the girls to see the Smurfs movie while they were on their grandparent holiday, as I did not want to see it at all, and the kids were desperate to.

- I know that the Melbourne Museum is a source of pleasure and treasure for kids of all ages (38 included ;-)

- I know that even though the new Museum is bright and shiny and well-planned and inviting and interactive and fun, a part of me is nostalgic for the musty, dusty, blind-corner and hidden-mysteries charm of the old Museum, which I remember fondly from childhood.

- I know that holidays, like life, are all about balance - a quiet first day, three busy and active days, now a quiet day again, with just shopping, morning tea with friends, TV, books, and crafts at home to fill the hours.

- And I know - like I always know in school holidays - that a big part of me wishes I could home educate, and have them here all the time.

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  1. Oh yes I am so with you, especially on that last point. I often wonder what life would be like if we had chosen not to send our girls to school....

  2. I left melbourne almost twenty years ago... when we returned with the kids five years ago I was desperate to take them to the museum, especially to see the pendulum-thingy in the stairwell. Imagine my surprise to discover it gone! but we still had a great visit. this trip we're thinking about checking out the aquarium.

  3. yes I wonder the same thing, I wonder if it is too late, could I start now even after they have been in the system