Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I Know

There are some things I know today.

I know that 8 year old girls can find life confusing and overwhelming sometimes, and that this can make them act like hormonal teenagers years before their time.

I know that managing sibling conflict is one of the most unrelenting and wearisome parts of having more than one child.

I know that when I am off my game, whether it's due to illness, or stress, or tiredness, or whatever really, that this disproportionately impacts the whole family dynamic.

I know that I find that a bit frightening sometimes.


I also know that while my children fight, they always make up, with each other and with me and with the world.

I know that my girls are learning to use an emotional vocabulary that is making it easier for them to express their feelings non-aggressively.

I know that love-notes from children are beyond sweet, especially when they are also apology notes for spouting-off that the child herself has recognised as hurtful.

I know that I love them all immensely, even when they are hurting me or each other, and that the difficult times are teaching me things about the unconditionality of love that I could not learn any other way.

I know they are beautiful people, each one of them, and that I'm privileged to be a part of their lives.

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  1. aww it is so precious that your children write love notes to you and their siblings :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I love getting the "best mum in the world" comment, and am surprised how it often comes up after a very small act. It's nice to be appreciated in such an immense way :)

  3. I love those kind of notes!!!

  4. That is beautiful. I totally understand about how mummy's state of mind sets the tone for the whole house. I find the pressure associated with that overwhelming sometimes.

  5. I totally agree with its the mums mood that sets the tone. I hope you all enjoy the school holidays.

  6. Aww thats gorgeous, such a thing to treasure :)

  7. Here too, if I'm slightly off my game the house falls apart, so much pressure :(

    And yes, sibling conflict is so tiresome, mine are (almost) 2 and (almost) 4, I'm hoping things will get easier as they grow up... ;)

    Those notes are so so lovely, melts your heart :)

  8. Those notes are so cool. They always make up for the grumps.