Monday, October 10, 2011

Name That Object! #3

Well, time for the Monday $2 Shop Mystery Object Guessing Game. (For an explanation and previous weeks' objects, see here and here).

I found this one in a shop in Inverloch while on holidays last week. I think we've figured out what one part of it is, but I'm at a loss for the adjunct pieces.

Here is:

Thing 3!

I await your enlightenment ;-)


  1. I believe it's a crayfish/ lobster crusher, and the two other pieces are the things you use to poke out the flesh from the legs.

  2. Oh, that's clever! I had thought the central piece was a nutcracker, but then I was at a loss as to what the pick things would be for. I like your idea a lot better!

  3. I'm pretty sure anonymous is right. I've used them before.