Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I Know

It's Friday, so that must mean I know things, right?

This week I know that giving a 6 year old girl a day off school to spend on her own with Mummy might be, strictly speaking, against the rules ... but that it's a rule well worth breaking every once in a while.

I know that 2.5 year olds who've not been to their Thursday creche for a couple of weeks due to holidays might be a little hesitant on arrival ...

but that the discovery that creche has acquired a goldfish called Dora and a rabbit called Boots in her absence will have her waving me off impatiently so she can join the throng of kids around the pets.

I know that the warmer weather is a double blessing, coinciding as it does with my central heating going up the putt again, and us deciding to not fix it for now based on the ridonkulous costs involved.

I know that appliance repair can be cripplingly costly, and that having less electricity-driven machines might not be the worst thing in the world anyway as power prices head north next year with carbon tax.

I know that the kids and I have witnessed two sets of solar panels being fixed to roofs this week on our school walk, and I think (I don't *know*!) that this trend will accelerate as July approaches. This can only be a good thing in my view.

And finally, I know that holidays away are wonderful, a great maker of memories and destresser of persons, but that all the same, it's nice to be back home.

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  1. I know that I like the idea of solar paneling and using less electricity
    and that a bunny called Boots is pretty cute.

  2. we got solar hot water in august, it has made such a difference! solar power is on the list, but we've got to clear a bit of debt first, hoping to do it next year.

    and I agree, going away is great, coming home is even better!

  3. a day off with mum is s very good idea.......we do it here!!

  4. I love what you know Kathy. I think it is extra special to wag school for a day to be with your dear girl too. Bugger the cost of fixing huge appliances. it is absurd!

  5. Mmm - a day off just to hang with mama - I wish that had happened to me when I was that age! Lovely!
    And, btw, I loved reading about your holiday in Gippsland...

  6. we wagged some commitments recently and it was so lovely