Friday, October 5, 2012

Eureka Tower

I am tired, tired, tired, and words have fled me; I've been feeding them to work all week, and there are none to spare for blogging, my small precious thing that gives me a release valve for emotions and thoughts; more, a secretive kind of delight.

Look, I know it's not de rigeur to just like blogging - just because, rather than for what it can lead to or accomplish or leverage - but I do, I do. I feel a bit bereft when life leads me away from it for too long. I like to write, I like having my own sandbox where I can play with ideas and enthusiasms, and I like to keep a record of family things in a fairly organic way.

So in weeks like this one, when the words are dried up but I still want to blog, pictures will have to do the work instead.

Today I took a few hours out of work to go with my family to Eureka Tower, Melbourne's highest skyscraper, and look down on my city from 88 floors up. We even did the hair-raising Edge adventure, where you get poked out of the side of the building in a glass box. Predictably, my sensitive 9 year old was nervous, my curious 7 year old wanted to know what would happen if she jumped up and down REALLY hard, and my fearless 3 year old lay flat on the glass floor and squealed with delight.

Then, after the heights - ice cream at Trampoline, and a walk along the riverside.

So these strange, busy school holidays end as they began - with a family day in the sunshine at Southgate. I'm looking forward to a much less frenetic break with the kids over summer, but there's no denying we still got a lot of juice out of these ones, finely poised as they were. I wish the kids had another week off though.

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