Monday, October 29, 2012

I admire the persistence

7 year old: "Muuuuuu-uuuum, can I have a DS soon?"

Me: "No."

She thinks a minute. "Can I have one ever?"

"Hmmmm," I say. "Maybe. We'll see. But probably not."

She, frowning, "Everyone else in my class has one..."

"Do they," I say, chopping vegetables calmly. "That's nice for them."

She stamps her foot. "Don't you find that persuasive? That every other child my age in the whole ENTIRE WORLD has one?"

I laugh. "Every 7 year old in the entire world, huh?"

She has the grace to look abashed. "OK, no. But every kid in my class! Absolutely! Positively! Definitely!"

"Hmmmm," I say again. She looks at me hopefully.

"What are you thinking, Mum?"

"I'm thinking that I like your choice of words a lot, E. Persuasive, absolutely ... good stuff."

She sighs. "But I'm still not getting a DS, am I?"


She is silent for a minute.

"What if I ask Nanna and Papa for one for Christmas?"

I shake my head. "That's too expensive a gift to ask them for, love."

"What if I get a job walking dogs - or cleaning cars - or cooking or something - and save up?"

It's my turn to sigh. "I will talk to your Dad, OK?"

"YESSSSSS!" she fist pumps the air.

Outmaneuvered by a 7 year old. Not my finest hour.


  1. A salient warning to never, ever let your guard down...

  2. ha ha - don't worry - we've all been there. You know things have really gone downhill when you are outmanoeuvred by your 2 year old.