Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sometimes cheese is OK

I like lots of music. Different kinds, all sorts. Serious music, soulful music, silly fun music. Classical, folk, bluegrass, pop, rock, metal. (Not a lot of rap or hiphop, but even there - some).

Sometimes I'll mention on Twitter that I've been listening to a band or a song and people respond with "Oh, you have great taste!" or something similar. This proves two things: a) I have nice Tweeps and b) I tend to only post the newer / cooler things I'm listening to, rather than the full range of what's playing when I work or relax.

Cos my taste has a wide stripe of cheese running through it, like most people's, I guess.

I like things like this:

And this:

Slightly shamefacedly, also this:

This one I stand behind. It is a classic.

And how about this? Party song!

Hands up who thought this was super deep and meaningful when you were 12 and Top Gun was released. (No? Just me? Ahem...)

Even at the time, this was pure, unadulterated cheese. (Which did not stop a friend from using at as her wedding dance song, which was so bad it was good :-) I still like it.

And how 'bout that Starship, hey!

Another wedding dance selection of the 90s - two friends had this one. Both still happily married, so there ya go.

I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one with this quiet cheese fetish, but then I think, nah - these songs sell, right? Besides, it's fun :-)


  1. Okay here goes....

    Song 1: Reasonable
    Song 2: Whole family loves this one!
    Song 3: Shocking!
    Song 4: Not one of my favs but adore The Carpenters
    Song 5: Hate it!
    Song 6: Hated the movie and don't much like the song.
    Song 7: Kill me now!
    Song 8: Excellent! Love it!
    Song 9: Yuk!

    That said.... I have plenty of extra extra cheesy tunes myself. All from the 80's of course. You can't go past a good cheesy song to lift your spirits and make you remember you youth.

    1. Bahahahaha!

      (And you are so right - the 80s makes me feel young again. Instead of decrepit :-)