Monday, November 18, 2013

Pay (A poem)

take what you want - and pay for it, says God

take it. the diamonds dug with blood
the gold and all its pains
the land that aches in chains.
your plenty in full flood.

take someone else's lover;
their kisses and catching sighs
elide the sweat with lies
use destiny for cover.

take it. if you have the might
or just the luck, to claim
all rich things without shame
let strength mimic the right.

take it. more food than you can eat
more clothes than you can wear
though bone-deep-down you pare
the millions who you cheat.

take. the good air of the sky
clean purity from water
the wild beast from her daughter
let trees fall as they lie.

take it. take it. take
all that your hands can seize
and hold and hold and freeze
this choice was yours to make.

take it. and one day, pay
in coins on closing eyes
in dark and dusted skies
in love rag-torn away

in a people flashed with rage
on a loud and knife-bright stage
in uprising nations
in murderous celebrations
in land leeched clear of green
in all that is not seen
all that can't be known
all that can't be shown

take it. if you want it so.
take it. (and pay for it, though).

This is post 18 in NaBloPoMo. 18 down, 12 to go!

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