Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thank you, and goodnight

And so November comes to an end, and with it my third consecutive completion of NaBloPoMo. It was quite a challenge this year, for all sorts of reasons, but I got there, and that counts for a lot.

I don't have too much more to say, or indeed, too much more I *can* say without being repetitious or inappropriate. Well, I could tell you that my beautiful 4 year old vastly enjoyed We're Going on a Bear Hunt this morning at the Arts Centre; what a fantastic kids' show it was, we highly recommend it. Or I could tell you that we spent the rest of the day at my Mum's having my Dad's birthday celebration, but that I was so tired and wrung out that I fell asleep on my Mum's spare bed at 2:30 and didn't wake til after 4. I could bore you with how ridiculous my life is at the moment, but I won't.

We have our traditional tree-raising, house-decorating and cookie-making Christmas prep afternoon tomorrow, and I will pull together a post on that at some point in the coming week, because it is the one post of the year that my interstate relos and friends look out for and read / share. Other than that, I'm going dark til Christmas. I won't say *no* posts and *no* Twitter, because I can't call it this far out, but certainly it'll be sparse and scanty around here, and that's OK. If you read me over at The Shake, I'm also on hiatus over there until 2014; sometimes life and work, between them, call for the sacrifice of hobbies temporarily, unfortunately.

I hope you all had a good November, particularly those of you who did NaNoWriMo, and I hope that December treats you kindly. Catch you on the flipside...

This is post 30, aka the VICTORY POST, in NaBloPoMo. I'm glad I stuck with it, and I'm glad it's done!

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