Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday

It's been a pretty mahoosive week - well, fortnight - OK, month. Today was the first day in a goodly while with absolutely no commitments, either social, work, school, activities or family. To say it was sorely needed would be an understatement; frankly, we could've done with two or three just like it. Thankfully, next weekend is looking pretty clear at this stage, so we may well get some more downtime in.

Lazy Sundays around here involve Doctor Who, Minecraft and books. They're about catching up on laundry, Twitter and paperwork piled on desks. They involve sushi, spring rolls and tall coffees. Some trampolining, desultory gardening and playing with the dog gets done. Novel chunks get written and mini-breaks, school holiday activities and birthdays get planned. Afternoon nanna napping may also be a thing that occurs.

My house is a little less chaotic, I have clean clothes for the week, I have another 1,500 words on my novel, we have holidays and activities to look forward to, and we have all recharged and enjoyed spending a day with each other, free of timetables and "musts". Lazy Sundays are the absolute best.

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