Thursday, March 5, 2015

On disappointed expectations

Was it only yesterday that I wrote about how much I was looking forward to my day off tomorrow...?

I am dealing with a severe case of The Pointy End of Parenting right now. My youngest, who has a mild cold, got me called to school for the second time this week to collect her early today. (In my defence, she was right as rain this morning, and managed a full day yesterday without incident). And, when collecting the older two at pick-up time, I was informed by middle child that she also has a sore throat, sniffles and wants to stay home tomorrow.

I'm not particularly proud of my reaction - which was to let my disappointment and frustration show, and ask both kids if they'd go to school if they get a lunch order. (Low, low, low). I also offered post-breakfast Nurofen, which, to be fair, is good policy whether they go to school or not, as I have often found a morning dose of Nurofen gives great relief for the whole day with borderline-sick kids.

I suppose, in my defence, I'd say that neither of them is SICK sick - no fevers, no coughs, eating normally, behaving normally, cheerful etc. Like me, they have a mild viral cold, and I'm sure the scratchy throat is annoying to them just as I am finding it annoying. But are they in need of retiring to their fainting couches? Um, NO.

Still, I am going to need to build a bridge and get over it, because there is a very real possibility that I'll have at least one, if not two, kids at home tomorrow. And in case anyone is in doubt, no, a day not at work in which I am caring for sick children, NOT watching my saved-up TV shows, NOT writing, NOT resting, is not a day off. It's a day doing different work and work that is ultimately more important, but it's not relaxing funtimes.

The other, less likely but still not remote, possibility also now looms that husband and my anniversary night away next Tuesday may be nixed too because of illness. There have been ominous rumblings of ill health from the planned babysitters (my parents), and with middle child's propensity to tonsillitis, if she does go downhill I won't be able to leave her overnight even if my mum and dad are ok to come.

To say that this does not thrill me would be an epic understatement. It's like life is having a lend of me, really. "Oh, you were looking forward to that, were you? Whooooops!" Honestly, this week. What a shocker.

OK, I get it - my life is still incredibly soft, privileged and gentle compared with most, and I have a lot to not be whiney about. And yes, this is part of being a parent and being responsible for the lives you choose to help grow. I do know all of that, of course I do.

I still feel disgruntled, though, and re-gruntling is going to take a big effort of will from here.

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