Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I'm looking forward to

After a lovely, if frantic, Saturday (my baby's Superhero Birthday Party ... more on that when I can get to the photos!), things have gone, and stayed, waaaaay downhill. Sunday wasn't great, and Monday through today can, frankly, kiss my arse. Yep, it's been THAT awesome.

It's been all the small things and the large - the sick kid, the poor to non-existent sleep, the anxiety jerkbrain flare, the car-parking and traffic woes, the many work crises, the relentlessly fighting siblings, the sore toof, the husband away interstate, the inexplicable lack of edible chocolate in this house.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a bit average too, but I am holding on to the promise of:

- Friday off. My very first Friday off where I have NOTHING scheduled AT ALL. I am going to write some novel, eat some delicious food, and watch rubbish TV for the 6.5 hours the kids are at school. It will be VERY, VERY good.

- Family day in Geelong on Saturday. We're meeting some people for a walking game and the kids will enjoy the waterfront, I think.

- Anniversary night / day with husband on Tuesday night / Wednesday. My parents are coming over to stay overnight with the kids. We're having dinner at MoVida, staying at the Park Hyatt and plan to enjoy a city day together before coming back to get the kids from after school care. I've switched up my day off to do this, so I will be working Friday (also, alas, Monday, as I don't get the Labour Day public holiday) but it'll be so worth it.

- Next Novel in a Year class on 14 March. The novel progresses, and the spin-off short story is almost finished. I've been so enjoying both the writing and the interactions / encouragement in the Facebook group; I can't wait for the next injection of face to face feedback and learning.

Further in the distance lies Easter (which = 10 days off for me with the kids, from Good Friday onwards), but at over 4 weeks in the future, that's a little bit too far away yet to give comfort. These more proximate pleasures in store will sustain me, though, as things get a bit tougher, in the immediate days to come.

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  1. So far, I have a 50% hit rate ... sick kid home Friday so no absolute self indulgence that day, but we did go to Geelong yesterday and it was very good. Crossing fingers that Tuesday night comes off!