Sunday, August 2, 2015

Goal-setting: August

It's goal-setting time again, but first: a review of July's goals, and the hits and misses therein.

On 20 June I set these goals for July:


- Have a memorable family holiday in Marysville and family fun at ComiCon.
Status: Yep, achieved. A great time was had by all.

- Get to Gold Class movie (using vouchers received for Christmas) with my partner.
Status: By the skin of our teeth ... on 30 July! We saw Ant Man and enjoyed ourselves.


- Write 5,000 more words on my novel.
Status: KILLED this one. I added 9,600 to the total this month.

- Write, and deliver, 2x review pieces.
Status:  Yep, overdone - reviews on The Eye of the Sheep and A God in Ruins completed, as well as an overview piece on the Man Booker longlist.


- Perform at least 2 days of paid freelance work, and book at least 5 more for August.
Status: I'm going to call this Achieved; I took a booking on 23 July for about 15 days' work, and although it didn't actually start til 31 July due to messing about with paperwork, I was doing prep for it earlier.

- Develop and publish a simple website listing my services.
Status: Failed: I just haven't done this.


- Host a dinner party for friends.
Status: Achieved: we had friends over on 4 July and it was lovely, I even made apple pie and brownies for dessert in honour of Independence Day!

- Contact the local community centre (crisis relief) to offer volunteering support commencing August.
Status: Failed. I didn't get to this in July, but really plan to in August.


- Consolidate my superannuation into one fund.
Status: Nope, haven't done it.

- Clean out my bedroom cupboard.
Status: Achieved! Bedroom cupboard is functionally useable again, and it's great.

So that's 7 / 10, which I'm happy with. It suggests that this level of goal-setting is about right for me - one or two gimmes, some very modest targets, and one or two stretchier goals per month hits the spot.

In that spirit, I present August's goals.


- Give my eldest a great 12th birthday party.
- Have a one-on-one outing with each member of my immediate family (all three girls and husband).


- Write 5,000 more words on my novel.
- Write, and deliver, 2x Booker Prize review pieces.


- Perform the booked days of paid freelance work, and book at least 6 for September.
- Develop and publish a simple website listing my services.


- Catch up with at least 2 friends for coffee / lunch / walk.
- Do 2x volunteering activities.


- Sort and properly arrange our fairly large "library" (book collection)
- Decide yes or no on kitchen renovation and if yes, book a supplier and choose the appliances.

Let's see how that all goes...

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