Thursday, August 13, 2015

Working Music: Week of 10th August

Now that I'm back to working at home as a freelancer, I've re-adopted one of my nicer old habits, which is the playing of music to work by. (Let's put aside that this is currently a necessity, not a discretion, to drown out my down-the-street-neighbours' bass thump...)

Here's a little selection of what's been powering this week.

The whole album, really, but particularly this song.

Again, the whole album's been on rotation ... reversion to youth!

The Reality Bites soundtrack has been dragged out. Yep, defo some retro going on here.

I go in and out with The Cranberries, but they're currently in.

This may be one of my favourite songs at the moment. I just find it touching and lovely.

I really like this song.

Working with music is ever so much nicer than working without :-)

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