Monday, August 31, 2015

Goal-setting: September

Well, well - the last day of technical-winter has arrived (although it's still tooooo cold) and with it, time to look at goal-setting for the first breezy, sneezy month of spring.

Let's review August's goals first up.


- Give my eldest a great 12th birthday party.
Status: Achieved. She had a great swimming party (despite the weather!) and a Tardis cake fit for a Doctor :-)

- Have a one on one outing with each member of my family.
Status: Achieved. Eldest and I went shopping; secondborn and I went out for afternoon tea; littlest and I went to church just the two of us; and husband and I went kitchen appliance shopping, which was more fun than it sounds, and also fitted in a brunch & walk.


- Write 5,000 more words on my novel.
 Status: Nope, not this time. Work, illness and family needs got in the way.

- Write, and deliver, 2x Booker Prize review pieces.
Status: Over-achieved. Reviews of A Spool  of Blue Thread, Lila and The Chimes published on Global Comment.


- Perform the booked days of paid freelance work, and book at least 6 for September.
Status: Achieved. I billed 15 days in August, and I have forward bookings for another 16 for September.

- Develop and publish a simple website listing my services.
Status: Still failed. I seem to have a mental block about this one for some reason.


- Catch up with at least 2 friends for coffee / lunch.
Status: Massively over-achieved :-) I clocked one walk, 3 lunches and 5 coffees with different people this month!

- Do 2x volunteering activities.
Status: Achieved. I helped with school cooking twice and also school Father's Day stall preparation.


- Sort and properly arrange our fairly large "library" (book collection)
Status: Nope, did not get near.

- Decide yes or no on kitchen renovation and if yes, book a supplier.
Status: Achieved - decision made. It's a YES! All booked, all deposits paid.

So that's 7/10 for this month, which is not bad. I'm actually tempted to call it 7.5/10 really, because I did something that was on last month's goal list (consolidate my super), so even though that wasn't technically a goal on this month's list, it was still a residual goal.

Now, on to September.


- Have at least one family outing somewhere we haven't been before in Melbourne
- Have, and enjoy, our next family mini-holiday.


- Submit at least two poems for consideration of publication or competitions.
- Write, and deliver, 2x Booker Prize review pieces.


- Perform the booked days of paid freelance work, and plan for a break in October.
- Promote my services through professional networks.


- Have a great Father's Day with my family.
- Do 2x volunteering activities.


- Get my filing sorted out!! (Super sick of losing paperwork)
- Sort out the kitchen contents, getting rid of all no longer used or needed appliances & crockery

We'll see how that all goes. As usual, I'll be satisfied with 7/10, but aspire to hit the heights of 8 or 9 one of these months :-)

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