Thursday, November 19, 2015

Festive season coming

As every single media outlet, as well as all the children in my house, are reminding me, we're now a mere 4 weeks, 1 day from the end of the school year, and 5 weeks, 1 day from Christmas Day.

I often feel like the end of the year sneaks up on me, but that feeling is even stronger this year - I'm startled to be looking down the barrel of the end of 2015 so soon, and with such suddenness. My preparation for both the physical and mental demands of the season is woefully patchy, and there could be troubled waters ahead if I'm not careful.

The next 4 weeks, until the kids finish school, are going to be epic. In terms of events, we have:

- seven end-of-year type catch-ups / events with friends / clubs
- three Christmas Craft Club sessions at the local church
- my Dad's birthday dinner (here)
- three concerts for the kids - one at school, two from the eldest's guitar school
- primary school graduation for the eldest
- three birthday parties (two which only involve one or two of the kids, one for the whole family)
- five volunteer commitments each for partner and I
- two medical specialist appointments and in theory, dental appointments (although I might put them off til Jan)

This is in the context of all our normal work, school and sporting commitments - I am working until 17th December (the day before the kids break up school) and so there won't be a lot of slack in my time either. It's also overlapping with the final 10-day push on NaNoWriMo, which I am determined to complete.

I'm not feeling totally overwhelmed - yet - but I'm uneasily conscious that this may come. I've got about half of the gifts sorted, and our baking is well underway, so I'm not totally at the start, but with family Christmas being here this year, there is much, much more to do. (Memo to Self: Order Christmas turkey tomorrow!!)

Never mind. I intend to enjoy this season, even if it has the odd hair-raising moment. There are not an infinite number of Christmases in which my whole family will be with me, and it would be a shame to waste one feeling poorly.

This is post 19 in NaBloPoMo. 19 down, 11 to go!

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