Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Goal-setting: November

It's time to think about November's goals, starting with a review of October's.

In October, my goals were:


- Have a fun Halloween as a family, including holding a little party for the kids' friends
Status: Very much achieved, although it didn't turn out to be a little party!

- Have one-on-one outings with each member of my family.
Status: Failed. This month turned out to be extremely busy, and while I did get out for a one-on-one shopping trip with one of my daughters, there wasn't an opportunity to do so with the others.


- Plan out my NaNoWriMo project and begin world-building for it.
Status: Achieved, and I am seeing the benefit of it now as I am writing.

- Write, and deliver, 2x review pieces.
Status: Achieved. I reviewed 2 pieces, one for Global Comment and one here.


- Perform the booked days of paid freelance work, and plan for a break in November.
 Status: Achieved, although I am working fairly intensively til 13 Nov and have other potential work in the offing, so the hoped-for break may not quite happen.

- Promote my services through professional networks.
Status: Achieved. I attended a network meeting and chatted with several contacts there, as well as posting to two professional listserv groups with details of my services.


- Host a dinner or brunch for friends.
Status: Achieved in a weird way. We were away until 5 October, I was hyper busy with work from 7 - 18 October then my kitchen was / is in disarray from 19 October, but we did host a family BBQ on 18 October and got around the mess by eating outside!

- Do 2x volunteering activities.
Statis: Achieved. A school cooking session plus assistance with running a Relay for Life fundraiser.


- Do and submit my second girl's high school application (gulp)
Status: Completely failed. Haven't even got the form yet.

- Sort out the kitchen contents, getting rid of all no longer used or needed appliances & crockery BEFORE 23 October (kitchen installation date is 24 October)
Status: Achieved, and what a marathon it was!

So that's 8/10 for October, my best score yet in this goal-setting activity - gotta be happy with that.

Onwards and upwards to November...


- Have a lovely weekend away with my husband mid-month
- Have a great Christmas-prep family day as per tradition (tree-raising, baking, music, Advent calendar set-up, decorations out etc)


- Complete NaNoWriMo (50,000 words on novel)
- Complete NaBloPoMo (daily blog post)


- Perform the booked days of paid freelance work
- Create a schedule and plan for quarter-one 2016 to identify and lock in work opportunities


- Have Yum Cha with friends
- Do something to mark the end of my big freelance agreement and cement the work friendships there


- Do and submit my second girl's high school application (for real this time)
- Complete all Christmas shopping excepting home-baked goods

November is going to be a doozy all round, although not as heinous as December in terms of social busyness, but I'll do my best with that list.

This is post 3 in NaBloPoMo. 3 down, 27 to go!

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