Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday afternoon

Beef and veg stew is in the slow cooker, the rich, meaty, red-wine, tomato smell competing with the sugary-sand aroma of the shortbread just out of the oven.

The line is full of wet washing, the rocking chair behind me full of piled-up dry washing waiting to be sorted.

I am working my way through a client document, quite enjoying myself getting stuck into my first proper task on this new project.

My 6 year old is colouring in at the dining table, telling herself a stream of consciousness story as she chooses shades and textures.

Both the older two are on their computers - one designing an entry for a Minecraft competition she's entering, one watching YouTube videos and snickering out loud.

The sun is shining, and the birds are in constant voice.

It's not bad, for a Sunday afternoon.

This is post 22 in NaBloPoMo. 22 down, 8 to go!

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