Sunday, March 19, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 19 March 2017

The week just gone was a good one but a big one. The week ahead will be heavier with work, but is otherwise less crowded with life stuff, other than the weekly usual, at this stage.

There are only two weeks left of term now, and therefore only two weeks left til I have a week off work. I'm actually less tired than I was at this time last year, which is nice - I mean, I'm tired, but I'm not overwhelmingly exhausted. I think I am getting better all the time at balancing stuff, which is a good direction to be moving in.

The holidays are going to be very low-key, with a few sleepovers scatttered in there, horse-riding day camp for the middle and gymnastics day program for the youngest on one day apiece, probably a few picnics and a trip to the cinema, and that's about it.

- Public holiday (Monday) - Friends over for BBQ
- Work: 3.5 days billed (Client site: 1 day)
- Eldest kid first inter-school debate (Weds)
- Harmony Day cultural dress day (eldest two - Fri)
- Middle kid: 100% on Japanese test
- Fun Run for youngest (me helping - Fri)
- Vaccinations: middle kid
- Cat ownership transfer completed
- Personal training session
- Coffee with friend / work contact
- Stuck in the freeway accident traffic on Thursday for almost 4! hours!!
- Swimming (youngest), gymnastics (youngest), singing (middle), chess (middle) and jujitsu (eldest)
- Preparation and cooking for birthday party
- Partner's BBQ Birthday Party (Sun)

- School swimming for youngest - 4 days (me on helper duty Mon & Tues)
- Stations of the Cross: middle kid
- 4.5 days billable work (Client site: 1 day)
- Partner's actual birthday (family dinner)
- Dinner with our Mother's Group friends
- Progress passport applications to the next step
- Personal training session
- Swimming (youngest), gymnastics (youngest), singing (middle), chess (middle) and jujitsu (eldest)

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