Sunday, March 26, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 26 March 2017

The week just gone was focused on work and my partner's birthday, and featured a full day out today (Sunday), with not a lot of time left for much else. The house is in a parlous state, I didn't get to training this week, and I dropped a couple of logistics balls pretty thunkingly, BUT I did hit every one of my multiple work deadlines and I think my partner had a good birthday, and we had a great day today making the most of the late summer weather.

I am learning to be OK with a "tilt" model, whereby I accept that rather than seeking some mythical perfect balance in every day / week, I recognise that some weeks will be much heavier in a particular area and other areas will get less love.

So, in a worky week, I might not write anything creative, clean the house, or run any errands, especially if I also have social things on; whereas in a house-y week, I might bill less time but get through some serious logistics, life administration and tidying. I try to make sure that family is never dethroned from its place at the centre, but the other elements of my life can, and indeed should, rotate in and out of importance as the winds blow.

This week coming up is also quite worky, but that's intentional, as I am taking a week off starting from 1 April (the first week of the school hols), so I am trying to get some ducks lined up before I do. Next week's In View will have an entirely different flavour!

- School swimming for youngest every day (me on helper duty Mon and Fri)
- Stations of the Cross: middle kid
- Belonging Day: middle kid
- Completed 4.5 days billable work (Client site: 1 day)
- Partner's actual birthday (out for lunch together, family dinner at Grill'd)
- Dinner with our Mother's Group friends (Sat)
- Bird Nature Walk at Williamstown (this morning)
- BBQ and game meet-up at Brimbank Park (this afternoon)
- Swimming (youngest), gymnastics (youngest), singing (middle), chess (middle) and jujitsu (eldest)

- School swimming for youngest Mon - Thurs (me on helper duty Tues)
- School camp for middle kid (Weds - Fri)
- 4 days of billable work booked (0.5 day client site)
- Personal training
- Cat to vet for check-up and shots
- Swimming (youngest), gymnastics (youngest), singing (middle) and jujitsu (eldest) (No chess as school holidays start)
- End of term and early dismissal (Fri)

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