Sunday, March 12, 2017

The week in review, the week in view

A friend of mine, every Sunday night, notes down the stand-out things that happened in the week just past as she is making her to-do list and schedule for the week to come. She calls it Review and Plan, and I think it's quite a nice idea - it allows an acknowledgement of and reflection upon the high points and challenges of what's passed, which can feed into forward thinking.

I have adopted a similar sort of idea myself and have been jotting down a few things each Sunday for most weeks this year. It occurred to me that this blog would be a reasonable sort of place to put these notes (when they don't include confidential or sensitive information, which they sometimes do). The blog is hardly read these days anyway, so I feel like I should focus on its secondary purpose of serving as a family record and aide memoire rather than thinking too deeply on reader preferences.

So, for future-me, here is The Week in Review, The Week in View for the week 5 March to 12 March 2017.


- Work: 4 days billed time
- Wedding anniversary Tues (lunch out Wednesday, Hellenic Hotel)
- Eldest kid braces off
- Middlekid first Blue Light Disco
- Eldest kid first jujitsu class
- Adopted neighbour cat - Roxy - as they ate moving!
- Health generally good - youngest recovering from viral illness from previous week
- Friend's daughter for sleepover Sunday night


- Friends for BBQ dinner Monday
- Minimum 3 days billable work
- Eldest's first interschool debate Weds night
- Personal training Thurs
- Get passport photos done!
- Take cat to vet and get her registered
- Eldest and middle: Harmony Day  (cultural dress) on Friday
- Youngest: Fundraising fun run on Friday
- Middlekid: Vaccinations at doctor, Friday
- Husband's birthday BBQ lunch: Sunday

Looking back, I see that last week had some fairly significant things in it, and that this week is going to as well. Onwards and upwards ...

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