Monday, January 24, 2011

3D Tangled

Well, I know I said the movies are too expensive - and so they are, comparatively speaking - but my big girls were *so* keen to see Tangled that we decided to try it as a family outing, all five of us, in 3D.

This was the 23-month-old's first cinema experience, so we were a bit trepidatious about the $100 outlay (for tix, 3D glasses and snacks), but as it turned out, she was brilliant. She loved the first two-thirds of the movie, sat absolutely transfixed between her 5 year old sister and I, occasionally squealing in excitement or laughing with delight at the funny bits (or which there were quite a few - it was a genuinely amusing and well-put-together kids' film).

Even as she faded a bit near the end, all she did was snuggle into me and nurse, so the rest of us were able to watch the whole film easily. It was fun.

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  1. Have you tried the drive in? There's a max per car - about $40.