Friday, January 14, 2011

The Australian eastern seaboard floods

The floods that are covering Queensland, and the stories of loss and damage and pain and heartbreak pouring out of that state, are almost too much to process, even now as the waters start to recede and the massive mop-up operation begins.

The floods creeping across my own state, Victoria, while much less wide-ranging and devastating, are still very worrying and will cause damage and loss too. Friends and family in Halls Gap have evacuated, and other friends are surrounded by floodwater, communicating on mobile phones with fast-dying batteries.

Tasmania's turn is starting - floodwaters are up there too, with more to come.

I feel unqualified to say anything profound or meaningful about these events. My heart aches for those who've lost people, animals and places dear to them. My mind boggles at the scale of the reconstruction necessary. I feel, like I felt in 2009 when Victoria suffered through the Black Saturday fires, wrung with pity and anxiety and yet aware in the very same moment of how fortunate I am to be sitting here, in my safe dry house, with my family around me.

I am thankful and I am sad.

There are many places to donate to flood relief appeals. Some of the ones I've seen are listed below but I'm sure there are more. We chose to donate through the Red Cross but I'm certain all these funds will be put to good use in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Lifeline's Queensland Flood Appeal

Queensland Premier's Flood Relief Appeal

The Australian Red Cross

Which leaves me with nothing else to say that can't be said better by Peter Gabriel.

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