Thursday, January 5, 2017

Seal Wife (Poem)

Day 5 Month of Poetry: this one based on the many fairy stories about the selkies.

Seal Wife

the moon sugar-white sharp like day like stainless noon
magick above waves above sand

dancing on feet on brittle toes brighthair darkeye I
with sisters with silver with blood of ocean
every speckling sparkling pore

behind rock hidden hard breathing
as moon kisses not-women pale against ice-stars against soft sky
when I keen for my skin you say nay, nay:
stay stay my bride be
selkie of the sea

of the kitchen hearth, now
not of sea

belly grown huge with black-eyed babes
no sisters to swallow screaming
no salt to wash bleeding
no fur no fins no thing sea could own

light through glass say: away, away
wrapped in what you stole 
black-eyed sons must fret on floor

one flick one tailbright tailblackened
to ocean I
to self I

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