Saturday, January 28, 2017

The year ahead

I'm quite engaged at the moment in planning out the shape of the year, as one does at the end of January (well, as *I* do, usually!)

It's looking like a good six months for work - my bookings never stretch too far into the future, but I'm solidly, but not (yet) excessively, committed til the end of June, which is a good position to be in.

We are (mostly) ready for school start, and the return of netball, chess and music lessons. Investigations are underway to add horse-riding lessons and martial arts into the mix, which will somewhat complicate matters logistically, but we'll see how we go.

The first half of the year's calendar is filling rapidly with events (weddings, dinner parties, birthdays, theatre, conventions, etc) and we're close to locking in a mid-year mini-break with friends and our Sydney holiday in September. (Just quietly, the family is very excited about Sydney - we are planning to do the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Powerhouse, catch up with friends and family, do lots of touristy stuff, and go to Sydney OzComicCon).

I am about to get cracking on getting everyone's passports sorted as the first stage of serious prep for Japan in April 2018.

The year ahead looks like it could be a good one for us. I know that the best-laid plans don't always come off, and that events and circumstances can always derail us, but so far, the wind is setting fair for a good year's sailing.

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