Thursday, November 9, 2017

An Everyday Madrigal (Poem)

My friend's cat's kittens are growing daily on the Internet,
There's a ginger trio, a tortoiseshell and a dark gray;
When things are bad, I like to watch them play.

My kitchen ceiling swarms with spring bugs and I fret:
Are they flying ants or termites? Either way
I look for pictures frantically on the Internet
And read grim pest control sites backlit in gray.

My own cat thinks she's master, not a pet,
She kneads me til I crack and push her away;
She will, no doubt, strategise to make me pay.
I waste time on the Internet -
The sun is bright outside, internal climate gray
The ropes draw tight and I wait out the day.

- Kathy, 9/11/17

(This is post #9 in NaBloPoMo. 9 down, 21 to go!)

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