Monday, November 27, 2017

Domestic And Admin Day

I think I need to schedule a domestic and life administration day this week.

Normally, this far away from the last one, I'd be looking for an opportunity for a mental health day (day off!), but realistically those are very hard to come by in November and December. At this time of year, the best  I can do to protect my mental health is to set, and enforce, boundaries around time on a weekly basis - refrain from working at weekends, making sure I switch off the computer by 9:30pm so I can have an hour to read before bed, and so on.

That said, with being so very, very busy with work (both paid and creative), family obligations, trip planning and end of year stuff, I am sliding a little out of control in the domestic sphere. I mean, I am not a neatnik (thank God, given my family's propensities!) but I have a limit, and we are over it and then some in terms of household functionality. In particular, our laundry situation is suboptimal +++, which is starting to have a daily impact. Additionally, there are a bunch of life administrative things I need to get onto - booking and going to appointments of various kinds (for me and the kids), doing paperwork, dropping stuff off to op shops, picking up things, etc etc etc.

This is definitely the week - very possibly the only week before Christmas! - to do this. I'm sitting in the eye of the storm work-wise and it will not last. I'm about to send off a major piece of work to my interstate client, after which I need to wait for their response and confirmation before proceeding (likely to be early next week). For one of my local projects, I have items out for consultation which closes on Thursday night; until that happens, I can't progress in that project either. With a third project, I do have interviews booked for Thursday, but cannot do anything else before that. That leaves only one project which can be usefully worked on this week, and while there is certainly plenty to do for it, I can definitely see programming in a day (or two half-days) of house and life work is a possibility, especially in the first part of the week.

I think I might do it as a half-day on each of Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons actually. Make a list, try to get through it. Although it can be useful to have a consolidated housework day sometimes, two half-days might be easier to motivate myself to stick to. I can bribe myself with the promise of listening to podcasts as I clean / sort clothes / fill in superannuation paperwork.

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