Wednesday, November 15, 2017

YES we said YES we will YES

Today the results were announced in Australia's postal survey on marriage equality.

I could opine for a long age about how unnecessary, expensive, cruel and gutless it was for the government to put us all (but especially LGBTIQA people) through this nonsense. I could rage about the terribleness of the very idea that we get a vote on the civil rights of other people. I could bang on about the duplicity and moral bankruptcy that has been displayed over and over by the No campaign throughout this painful, excruciating process.

But today, none of that is my focus. None of that is what matters most. What matters most is this:


To marriage equality, to legal equality for everyone, to love rather than bigotry, to families and couples and joy.

We said YES.

There is much more to this story. Many more hard roads to walk. The legislation hasn't even changed yet, let alone the social changes that will be many more years in the building.

Today? Today it's just enough, to celebrate and say, YES we say yes we will yes.

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