Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blogopolis, rainbows, sunsets and all that good stuff

The Nuffnang Blogopolis conference today was wonderful, full-on and tiring. It's provided me with much food for thought and loads of things to follow up, and a few posts to come will touch on this in various ways. I had a beautiful and restful lunch at MoVida Next Door with Veronica and Kim, I caught up with a few friends and made the in-person acquaintance of people I'd only met online before, and I was part of the largest Mexican wave perpetrated by bloggers in the southern hemisphere (dubious claim to fame, but hey!)

I'm not much of a one for recap posts but I will do a round-up in a few days with links to some of the brilliant versions that I'm sure will be out there. I'll just say that it was well worthwhile, a great use of My One and Only Full Day Out (2011 Edition), and that, in common with much of the audience, I think, I found almost all the speakers incredibly knowledgeable, interesting, generous and warm. (Personal soft spot reserved for Christie and Nicole, but that's no disrespect to the others ;-)

I had to leave early - at afternoon tea - due to toddler-type iss-ews at home and a rising headache. However, I was well compensated with kisses, cuddles, and the most gorgeous sky imaginable - a double rainbow, followed by a sunset to fill you with longing and happiness all together. (The photos don't do it real justice, unfortunately).

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  1. I am glad you had a great time. Sorry to hear that you had to leave early due to a headache. Hope you are okay.