Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with Yay for Home, here are the things I know this week, brought to you by My Annual Fancy-Lunch Date with My Husband ;-)

- I know that taking time out to have a meal with your partner every once in a while without any of the kids is a great benefit to both your relationship and your sense of personhood.

- I know that, as such opportunities are rare, it's a beautiful thing to be able to expend them somewhere really special.

- I know that tapas, like yum cha, is a divine way to stuff yourself silly while still tasting many different flavours.

- I know that if there was only one food left in the world, my husband would want it to be octopus.

- I know that I wouldn't ;-)

- I know that urban art can be astonishing in its beauty and complexity as well as its irreverence.

- I know that Melbourne is a wonderful city with many hidden depths, and that I am fired with enthusiasm to take the kids on the Lanes & Walkways day tour soon.


  1. Sounds divine!
    We still haven't had the meal out together yet since the youngest (9 months) was born. One was planned last weekend, but she got sick! *sigh* It'll happen... ;)

  2. Oh, it was divine!

    I'm not joking when I describe it as an annual event, though ... my eldest will be 8 in a few weeks' time and we have been out for a child-free meal a grand total of 10 times since her birth. (The last time was for dinner September last year, and that was for a quick bowl of pasta at the local, home by 9pm to settle the youngest to sleep ;-)

    Still, it makes it all the more special when you do get it.

  3. Sounds ace!
    My huz and I always are surprised at how long it's been in between date nights

  4. I agree time without the kids on a "date" is really important. It is a rarity for us, but tonight I got to enjoy dinner with hubby sans children. :)

  5. how lovely...............I can't remember the last time DH I went out for a meal............

  6. It sounds fantastic...and ahhh! The thought of the "Lanes and Walkways Tour" makes me homesick for Melbourne!