Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winter at the vineyard: A post (mostly) in pictures

My aunt and uncle own and operate a small boutique vineyard in Victoria's Yarra Valley. They make summery, crisp sauvignon blanc, rich, warm merlot, and a nice peppery shiraz from their grapes. Recently they've also started making a delicious rose, which is drinking very-nicely-indeed-than-you-very-much ;-)

They also are kind enough to have us to stay sometimes, and let us make beautiful family memories in this peaceful, green and pleasant place.

On Thursday, G (my husband), C the toddler and I picked up the two older girls from my parents' house, where they'd spent two nights, and we headed off to my aunt's for a very bijoux winter vacation.

We spent just two days of the kids' winter school holidays at the vineyard, but it was enormously refreshing for all of us, despite the toddler's tendency to be her age (ahhh, 2 and a half! how I love thee!) and the tsunami of mess that we always seem to trail after us wherever we go. We always appreciate the time we can be there and hope that we don't wear out our welcome (there's a reason we only stay one night...)

It's lovely to step away sometimes, even if ever so briefly. Two days, one night. It was good for us all.

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