Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with Shae today, here are the things I know, brought to you courtesy of my very, very adorable and very, very toddlerish toddler.

I know that the early stages of toilet readiness are much more frustrating than they are exciting, and that the middle of winter when I have no functional clothes dryer is NOT the time I would have picked to start ditching nappies.

I know that sibling rivalry is a beast that never sleeps, no matter how much your children love each other and even embrace each other's company.

I know that when the toddler says "I 'ATE YOU!" she doesn't mean it or understand what's she's saying, but I also know that it hurts like hell to hear it all the same.

I know that battling wills with a toddler is a losing game, and makes for an unhappy home. (So why can't I stop doing it then?)

And oh boy, but I know, as Arwyn writes, that toddlers are triggering.

But, at the same time ...

I know that reading with a toddler who loves to listen, engage and drink in the story is a wonderful boon.

I know that bouncing on the trampoline in the winter sun with a laughing, lively toddler is both freeing and relaxing.

I know that the kisses and cuddles of a toddler are beyond sweet, accessing a tenderness and devotion that belongs to this child and all my children.

I know that being part of a toddler's day means the chance to see things through fresh eyes, to experience newness and delight in ordinary things.

I know that I want to be here with my toddler and with my older children, even when it's hard and even when it hurts, and I know that I want this for myself, not just in martyrdom because I believe it's in their interests to have me here.

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  1. Oh I could have written so many of these too. Toddlers can be the most amazing, affectionate little people. They can also be the most (unintentionally) antagonistic!

  2. Toddler kisses and cuddles are the best aren't they?

  3. My toddler is also very independent but oh so cute, cuddly and fun to be with too. It definitely is a precious time in their lives.

  4. So true about seeing everything through fresh eyes with a toddler. It certainly gives you a renewed appreciation of the things that matter! Kirsty @ My Home Truths