Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with the Yay for Home! meme, here are the things I know this week.

- I know that ambivalence is a part of life, and that it's normal to have mixed feelings about change and growth, but that life only moves in one direction, and that's forward.

- I know that school holidays are a blessing unmixed in the middle of the year, when everyone's fractious and tired of routine and needs to hunker down together.

- I know that it feels strange, off-kilter somehow, to be smelling a full-blown rose in full sunshine in what should be deep midwinter.

- I know that getting sibling school photos for the first time is a bittersweet pleasure, looking at the smiling faces of two of your babies together in their school uniforms.

- I know that promising party pies, popcorn and nachos for dinner on the last night of term is a surefire way to win friends, including your child-at-heart partner ;-)

- I know that true hospitality is a precious gift that we can give, and that it's best when it's given freely, sweetly, and lightly.

- I know that I am content, at a deep level, with the life that I have and the way I am living it, even when the surface gets ruffled with day-to-day nonsense.


  1. school holidays are a welcome blessing here too

  2. My husband would be stoked with party pies for dinner too :)

  3. So glad my hubby isn't reading this post!! He would be saying: ``I'll have what they're having!!'' Instead, he got beef casserole! hehe!! :)