Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A day in the life of us

Occasionally - annually, or a little more often - I log a day of regular life for us, just as an exercise, and to track how things change over time. The last one I did was last October, so I thought it might be time to have a go again...

So this was Tuesday, in the life of us.

6-year-old presents herself at my bedside, having had a nightmare. I comfort her and bring her in between G and I for the balance of the night. It takes her a while to get comfy, and when she does, it's with her limbs splayed to their furthest reaches, which includes a foot in the small of my back.

I finally drift back to sleep, balanced on a pencil-edge of bed and slightly cramped.

C wakes for the day. At 2 years 9 months, it's finally the norm for her to sleep through the night, albeit with an early waking time. I go fetch her from her room.

I take C out of her night nappy, get her on the toilet, then we sit down to do her morning breastfeed.

I head to the kitchen to make breakfasts and lunches. G and E, the 6-year-old, are still sound asleep in my bed. 8-year-old A has gotten up, however, and is curled up on the couch with a blankie and a book. C starts to play with her duplo blocks.

I call A and C to the table and the three of us eat - Weetbix and fruit for the kids, gluten free muesli for me, washed down (for A and I, anyway) with hot tea.

I send A in to wake the sleepyheads, both of whom are not enamoured of getting up, but do eventually. I finish packing the lunches and do the dishes, some left over from last night, some from A, C and my breakfast.

A is dressed for school and back reading. G is showering, E is eating porridge, and I suddenly realise I haven't heard from C in a few minutes. This is never a good thing.

Giggles guide me to my bathroom, where several toys are being washed in the sink, with about two-thirds of a bottle of expensive shampoo to make the "bubbles". Le sigh.

G leaves to catch the bus to work, while I finish cleaning up the bathroom and chivvy E along to finish her meal and get ready. I then chase C around the house several times before I can catch and dress her. I then brush & put up everyone's hair, to the usual daily accompaniment of wailing from Miss 8, who has bum-length hair, a low pain threshhold and hates sleeping in a plait. YOU DO THE MATH.

We do the always-ridiculously-protracted shoe-putting-on dance and finally leave the house about 8:40. On the plus side, we're not late, everyone's reasonably happy, and there have been no meltdowns. I call that V for Victory in the morning.

C and I drop the big girls to school then proceed to our Tuesday morning kinder gym class, which she deeply, deeply loves. Class doesn't start til 9:30am and thanks to being on time at school, we're early, giving us 20 minutes to chill out in the parent room and read stories.

Kindergym class finishes and we head for the shops, after a detour to drop off a bag at the Brotherhood shop.

We arrive at the shopping centre and park. We have a monster shop to do, so C and I have a talk about how we're going to behave at the shops. She nods very seriously. We'll see. Shopping with toddlers is pretty much a crapshoot in my experience.

C is being lovely; adorable, helpful, cheerful, listening to everything I say, not grabbing at anything, and STAYING WITH ME AT ALL TIMES. In fact, she's the picture-book child that everybody vaguely assumes they're going to get when first they fall pregnant. To say this is atypical for C would be an understatement of epic proportions, but man, I'll take it.

Finally through the checkout, I sign my credit card chit, wincing slightly (it was a pig of a shop) but pleased to be finished so painlessly.

C and I arrive home. I make her lunch and turn on a Hooley Dooleys DVD for her while I unload and put away Mount Grocerymore.

Groceries are away, DVD is over, lunch is eaten, it's time for C to take a nap.

Or not. Yeah, probably not, if she's still messing about half an hour later. I lift her out of her cot.

C is being fairly high-needs (being tired will do that to you). I abandon any thought of working on my Nano book, quickly finish yesterday's blog post, and sit down with her to read stories and play with her plastic animals.

As she is happily engaged in play, I creep off quietly to put out & bring in washing from the line.

We leave to go get the big kids from school, swinging by the library to drop off books on our way.

Home with the big kids. They both decide to go to their room to engage in some kind of secret sister business, I think involving Christmas. C, at a loose end, is a bit whiney until a neighbour kid knocks on the door wanting to come in and play. The big kids decline the offer but C is enthusiastic.

The neighbour kid's hour visit has been a godsend, as she's amused C while I've prepared dinner, sorted washing, answered email, and had a cup of tea. I feel like I ought to pay this kid for babysitting services rendered :-)

C and E go outside to play with the dog and bounce on the trampoline. A hangs about in the kitchen, chatting to me as I cook and half-reading her book.

The kids and I eat. Baked salmon in lemon-lime juice, roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, broccolini, macaroni pasta, and artichoke hearts. (Of the kids, only A attempts the artichokes; they're more an adult treat). I read Grug books (for C) and chapters of Trixie Belden (for the big kids) while we eat.

Ice cream for dessert!

Bath time. The big kids take it in turns in with C while I scrape plates and wash up.

All are scrubbed, pjed and clean-toothed. I sit down with a book to do C's bedtime feed. She is super tired. A turns on her computer to have her half-hour screen time. E reads a book.

G arrives home and heads kitchen-ward to heat his dinner.

I lift a deeply-sleeping C off the breast and into bed, and signal to the big kids that it's time to swap on the computer. E starts her half-hour while A hangs around G and I, chatting, and getting us to compile quizzes for her to do. (What can I say ... she loves it).

Big kids are finished on the computer and should be in bed. I turn on my computer and open my Nano book to start writing.

Big kids are NOT in bed. One has itchy eyes, one has a funny tummy. Claratyne and Panadol are dispensed.

I start writing, aware of how tired I am.

After a considerable amount of pissfarting, I actually finish the 1,000 words I wanted to do and hit the halfway mark at 25,000 words. I cannot possibly not tweet this, so I do.

I stumble into bed, "to read".

(I am informed) 10:15
G turns off the light and takes my book from my fingers where I've clutched it as I fell asleep.

And THAT was our day!

This post is part of NaBloPoMo. 16 down, 14 to go!


  1. Nice one. You will read this back in a few years and be amazed.

    (Wait... you still SIGN for your credit card? :-) )

  2. that's ok, I still sign for my credit card, too!! I must remember to do something like this, and soon!