Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sometimes, I know, you all wish you had more of my attention, just to yourself, not shared between you.

Sometimes each of you wishes you were an only child; you think and talk wistfully of rooms unshared, toys unbroken, quarrels unneeded.

Sometimes the pace and bustle of life with two siblings in it with is tiring, and you all get sick of being dragged around to each other's activities.

Sometimes you seem to squabble all day long, needling each other, picking fights, saying mean and hurtful things.

But then sometimes you play such endless and involved imaginative games with each other that you're reluctant to stop for food, or baths, or anything at all.

Sometimes you fall asleep in mid-sentence, chatting sleepily, in your warm shared room, comforted by each others' presence and company.

Sometimes you realise that you enjoy holidays and special activities much more for having people to share it with.

Sometimes you each display such care and protectiveness for each other that it astonishes and humbles me.

Long after your father and I are gone, my dear babies, these your sisters will, we believe and hope, remain. I wish only that the ties that bind you will be loving ones, as you grow into yourselves and move out into the world.

This post is part of NaBloPoMo. 5 down, 25 to go!

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  1. My sister and I squabbled lots but now I'm so glad I had her :) x