Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Selections

Well, this is my first time joining in frogpondsrock's Sunday Selections photography meme, so please excuse me if it's a bit clunky, but like everyone, I have a massive backlog of photos that have ben neitherr printed nor displayed, and this seems like a really good way to give some of them a bit of daylight.

Today, I decided to focus on the period from April to September 2009, which, as anyone who was reading my other blog at that time might recall, was an extraordinarily difficult period for me, emotionally and physically, as I battled probable (but undiagnosed) PND, serious nerve damage in my spine from the spinal anaesthetic I had when delivering C in the February, severe anxiety about the failing health of my grandmother and my mother, and the awful news of my dear friend's terminal brain cancer.

But it was also the period where my family learned to be a family of five, and a period of huge development for all three kids.

A period of great sibling times and lovely cuddles.

I decided to revisit this period in photographs to remind me that despite it all, this was not a period of unrelieved blackness - that there was still joy in it and moments of laughter and light, almost all because of my beautiful children. Pictures help remind me of this more than words could ever do.

This post is part of NaBloPoMo. 20 down, 10 to go!


  1. Thank you. These are enchanting. If I had to choose a favourite it is the last one - for the matching smiles. Looking at these photos, happiness comes through loud and clear. I hope your life has now moved on to a better place.

  2. These are so beautiful! Thank you.

  3. The last one is my favourite too, although i am a little jealous of what looks like a very sensibly planned veggie patch. Our veggie patch is not well thought out or planned :(

  4. Amanda - I'm jealous too. it's my SIL's garden, not mine!

  5. My favourite is the one with the little girl carefully hugging the baby. Gorgeous eyes.
    Sounds like you really had things going on at both ends of the scales then. Hope your life is more on the happy side now. And yes, great veggie patch. Makes my poor efforts look even poorer ;-)