Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I Know

Today I know that Christmas is only 4 weeks away... and that that makes me (mostly) smile.

I know that I have some distance to go before I perfect roast pork with crackling. (I know it tasted real good with applesauce and gravy anyway).

I know that I have had a wonderful week in terms of my self-esteem, with both extrinsic and, more importantly, intrinsic, boosts to my confidence and belief in my own competence and ability.

I know that being at 40,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel, with the finish line achievable and in sight, is a big part of this feeling of wellbeing and self-power that I'm enjoying today. I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar :-)

I know that the Month of the Words is extracting a price, but that its price isn't being paid in less attentive time with the kids or dropping the ball on commitments. Rather, it's being paid in lost sleep, undone housework and lost reading time - which seems fair, as those sacrifices are mine to make, and it was, after all, me who wanted to do this thing.

I know that I am looking forward keenly to our Christmas prep day on Sunday, when we'll put up our tree, decorate the house, do round 1 of festive baking, sing carols, and watch a Christmas movie. (The daggy delights of suburbia, but I don't care).

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This post is part of NaBloPoMo. 25 down, 5 to go!


  1. ooh enjoy your Christmas prep! Sounds lovely. As for the crackle - try pouring boiling water over your roast before cooking then pat dry with paper towel before seasoning the crackle with salt. Helps open up the skin & dry out excess moisture. Works perfectly every time :)

  2. That looks absolutely mouth-watering!

    I thought about what a huge achievement Nanowrimo is when I read this blog post this morning:

    "Writing A Book - Time":

    (especially the Dillard quote)

  3. Can I tell you how impressed I am with your posting every single day? Plus the extra writing on top of that, Congrats and well done - almost there! Have fun preping!

  4. Mmmmm that pork looks amazing, you have done a great job.

  5. Good luck with all of that! I am a little sad not to be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. It's just not doable. I hope to join again next year! Good luck - the finish line is in sight!

  6. Oh I started NaNoWriMo, got to 10000 words and then lost the plot! Literally! Haha! I'll try again next year! Well done on getting to 40000 words, that's amazing!

  7. Wow! You must be so proud of all you've achieved this month. Well done :)

  8. Loving the idea of your Christmas prep day! We will put up our tree tomorrow, but I might plan some more Christmas prep stuff for next weekend, complete with Christmas music for ambiance!